Nick Beattie

Software Engineer – available for hire


I'm currently interested in: developer tools, video streaming, decentralized applications, writing, infrastructure tooling, security, games, blockchain, React, learning Go, microservices, Reason, Elm, WebAssembly, and bicycles.

I was a Senior Software Engineer at Postlight from 2016 to 2019.

  • We worked on a trading platform for Goldman Sachs. It's gotten some publicity. React, Typescript, Mobx, OpenFin (~Electron), and css-modules.

  • I helped Barnes & Noble build, a textbook solutions hub. Next.js, Typescript, Redux, styled-components.

  • Mercury Reader is a Chrome extension that removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a beautiful reading view on any site. +1.1m users. React, Aphrodite, Tachyons-Js.

  • A custom CRM system for managing athlete/agent relationships and tracking brand equity for The Players' Tribune. React, GraphQL, Apollo, Apollo Link State, styled-components.

  • A website and style guide for The Village Voice. RIP. Wordpress, React.

  • An iOS feature and Chrome extension for Bloomberg that adds a new layer of financial insight to any news article, from any website. React, D3.

James Ayres and I recently worked with the TokenTax team to build a new website, blog, and component library. React, Razzle, Redux, Styled System, React Storybook.

I experimented with the Dat Protocol and building peer-to-peer applications for a few months in 2018.

  • I started by building Linkstream, a place to share links from a particular event, talk, or subject.

  • James Ayres and I built decentralized Tumblr clone, called Dead. You can read James's write-up on Medium.

  • I built Pixel Gallery. It is a peer-to-peer pixel art gallery built for the browser. You can create your own works of art or curate your own gallery.

I built a text adventure game called Slashington. It's a semi-fictional interactive whirlwind. You can play it in the browser. It's got nearly 1,000 plays and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. React, refunk, styled-components.

Dave Dawson, Kunal Tandon, and I built Money Over People to track NRA donations to members of Congress. Gatsby, styled-components.

With Hyperakt, I built On The Grid. It's a collection of 530 neighborhood guides curated by local creatives in 107 cities around the world.