Nick Beattie

Senior Software Engineer @ Postlight.

Building apps, platforms, websites with a focus on performant, maintainable, user-focused interfaces.

Here's a couple of the projects I've been involved with over the last few years. I've written some small summaries of them, but feel free to reach out over email or twitter if you'd like to chat more.

More code can be viewed on github.

  • An investment bank

    A trading platform. NDA.

    Typescript, React, ag-grid, css-modules, Electron

  • Bartleby

    The textbook solutions hub for Barnes & Noble.

    Next.js, Typescript, styled-components, Redux


  • The Players' Tribune

    A custom CRM system for managing athlete/agent relationships and tracking brand equity.

    React, Apollo, Apollo-link-state, styled-components, Express, Postgres

    Read the Postlight case study

  • pixel-gallery

    A p2p pixel art gallery built for the browser.

    React, styled-components, Dat

    Read more about the project

  • Slashington

    A semi-fictional interactive whirlwind. An in-browser fantasy game. +500 plays.

    React, styled-components, Refunk

    Play slashington

  • Bloomberg Lens

    An iOS feature and Chrome extension that adds a new layer of financial insight to any news article, from any website.

    Chrome extension, React, aphrodite, tachyons

    Read the Postlight case study

  • Linkstream

    A place to save links, powered by the Dat Protocol.

    React, styled-components, Dat

    View in Beaker Browser

  • Mercury Reader

    A Chrome extension that removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a beautiful reading view on any site. +1.1m users.

    React, Redux, Aphrodite

    Download the extension

  • Money Over People

    Who accepts money from the NRA?

    Gatsby, React, styled-components


  • On The Grid

    A collection of 530 neighborhood guides lovingly curated by local creatives in 107 cities around the world.

    Siteleaf, jQuery 🙃, HTML/CSS

    Visit site

  • The Village Voice

    A website and style guide for an iconic New York publication. RIP.

    Wordpress, React, HTML/CSS


  • Dead & Dead Lite

    A decentralized CMS for the p2p web.

    React, css-modules, Dat

    Read James Ayres's write-up

  • Shrug

    A Mac menubar app for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Download the app